Vous préparez un voyage à l’étranger ? Venez consulter nos taux de change dans votre comptoir Godot St-Barthélemy situé au 4 rue du bord de mer 97133 Gustavia.

Whether it is common or exotic currencies, we are committed to remain among the most competitive agency of the market.

As precious metals trading, we have made foreign exchange one of our specialties. Whether you are planning a business or personal trip, you will have access to commonly used currencies such as dollars, pounds or yen.

We also have more exotic currencies, such as Thai baht, Polish zloty and Indian rupees. To ensure that we have the currency you are looking for, it is recommended that you contact our office team at 06 83 18 88 91. If we don't have the currency needed, we will try to get it for you.

Thanks to our professional community, we will be able to order quickly and understand your expectations. Indeed, we maintain professional relationships with travel agencies, hotels and other tourism professionals. It is therefore easy for us to find currencies, whatever the desired volume.

Finally, for the sake of total transparency, we inform you that our foreign exchange operations do not have any hidden costs, we also offer preferential rates for the purchase of large volumes. On the other hand, we guarantee to take back, free of charge, your unused currency following your trip.

Please contact us at 06 83 18 88 91for more information, or please come and visit us votre comptoir Godot & Fils au numéro 4 rue du bord de mer 97133 Gustavia