In addition to our exchange and precious metal trading activities, it was obvious for the Godot & Fils counter in St Barth to offer our customers a catalog of antique and collector items.


Thus, in addition to the purely speculative vocation of the currency, many specialists see in it a historical and cultural dimension. For our customers numismatists and collectors, we thought in developing this service and this know-how. For this reason, Godot & Fils has very quickly gathered experienced numismatists to provide you the best of their experience.

Whether you are an accomplished collector or a beginner, wise advice is essential regarding this millennia old discipline.


  • To determine the value of your coins, our experts will take into account several criteria, the date of the coin or its place of issue.

    If you are a beginner in this discipline, our experts are at your disposal to guide you in your first purchases.

    Our experts will give you a free quotation of your coins.

  • When it comes to investment, numismatics attracts private individuals searching rare coins; but also financial institutions who see a lucrative interest in it.

  • Collector's coins are not subject to taxation, which is a very big advantage for investors.

All good reasons to come nous rendre visite au 4 rue du bord de mer 97133 Gustaviaeven just to gather information. If you are not able to come to our office, please contact us at 06 83 18 88 91 !